GEORGE L. FREDRICKS  - 1943 - 2008            

 George was born in the borough of Queens, in N.Y.C..  He spent his early summers in the Hamptons on Long Island where he built his first boat with his dad and developed his love of the sea. Although George was colorblind in the Blue field, it did not hinder his talent in any way. While in High School he was recognized as a promising local artist by a Long Island  newspaper.
  After High School he studied art briefly while still in N.Y. but shortly after high school he entered the military.  Returning  to New York afterwards  George opted for a traditional career and began working for Eastern Airlines.  Over the next 25 years, while with Eastern, he married and had two children. He spent time living in several states, and visited many areas that helped to influence his subject matter that always included water and ships or boats of all kinds.  However, George did not paint throughout most of his life.  There are a few known to be with family, friends and on occasion a rare work sold through a local retail establishment.

 The scenery in Baltimore's Fells Point finally rekindled this love of the sea and he began to paint more. He was asked to showcase his artwork in a local gallery there, but at the same time Eastern offered a new position in Atlanta GA. So the opportunity for George to showcase his art never took place. In 1993 he met his 2nd wife Katherine. They were now living in VA. and had a wonderful life together but George still was not painting.

  In 2006 shortly before his planned retirement, George was diagnosed with Cancer, and in the fall his kidney was removed.  Although the treatments were helping and he was getting better, George must have known his time with us and his love of life might be short-lived.  George began to paint with passion again.  From the Spring of 2007 until his death in July of 2008,  George produced over 200 works in just over one year.  All the artwork in our website is from this final year of his life, and each one was painted in about one day!  His artwork is an amazing legacy of his life. George spent his final days producing some of his most beautiful images for others to appreciate.

  George painted lighthouses, ships and seaside landscapes for the most part.   However, George's best work is in his ships.  Galleons, Sailboats, Yachts, all intricately worked with every rope on the rigging, every banister in place, to the most minute detail.   It was amazing to see how quickly George could paint.  This was especially interesting when you remember George was colorblind in the blue range and most of his art was in the blue pallet ! 

  All of George's paintings are unique, original, one-of-kind creations.  He used acrylic on canvas and never mass produced any of his works.

We hope you enjoy them.

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